How Does Music Affect Our Lives?

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There are about two hundred drunk, sweaty college students in my house right now. Music is blaring throughout the whole place and I can barely hear anything else. “CLAIRE!” I turn around and see Rachel running towards me with two red solo cups in her hand. “Take one.” she hands me one of the cups, filled to the rim. “Do you realize how many people are here? There are people here that I’ve never even talked to before, how did they all get in?” she continues, practically yelling in my ear. “Well you know Jay, all he cares about is his party reputation. He’s lucky that he can play football, if not he’d be kicked out of school in a heartbeat.” I roll my eyes. Jay is one of those guys who is just looking to get in trouble. He likes to be the center of attention. “I’m surprised you even let him throw this party at your house. Isn’t everything like super expensive and rare or something?” Rachel is right, everything is super rare and expensive, I myself didn’t even know why I was letting Jay throw his stupid party here.
“I have no idea why I let him . My brain was foggy three days ago when he asked me from all the studying for finals. I didn’t know what I was saying. I was practically incoherent.” Jay had fought me for a whole week about having a party but I always said no. Then he got smarter and asked me in the middle of my very important studying for finals.
I turn around to make my way back through the kitchen to go upstairs to make sure no sweaty, drunk college students

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