How Does Music Affect Our Learning

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Music and How it Effects Our Learning
Mark Churchill (2007) said "Every kid--and grownup--is affected by music. It 's part of what makes us human.” Most people enjoy listening to music. From early childhood we are taught songs, like the ABC 's, that help children grasp concepts that might be otherwise challenging. Many play the radio in their cars, shops play music to get us in better moods, and humans are drawn to this sound. Music allows us to form memories, become better listeners, increase our IQ, and can be a great way to treat kids with mental and physical illnesses.
"Memories, both real and fake, are created when neurons establish connections with each other.” (Burrell, 2016) Music helps form these connections allowing us to memories
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Brass is also a good choice for children with cognitive impairments. Kids with ADHD will benefit the most from learning string instruments, percussion and the saxophone because they allow movement and standing. Depending on the physical ability strings, brass, percussion, or woodwind instruments might be a desired choice. People who are deaf will have a better time with string instruments or woodwinds because they allow the player to feel vibration. (Habermeyer) Music surrounds our life, but maybe in more ways than typically thought of. Some experts hypothesis that our cells are made up of strings that vibrate and produce tones. Not only does this idea help science understand more in-depth how music affects us, but it also might generate more ways music does affect our mind and bodies. What is known about music is that it helps us form memories, trains musicians hears, has a correlation to higher IQ, and that it can make huge difference in all lives but especially in children with mental and physical

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