Essay on How Does Much Work It As A Pastor?

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As we continue to learn in this class, I keep learning how much work it is to be a pastor! They do so much more work than I ever thought about. They have many roles to play and many things to do. They preach, counsel, evangelize, and are a prophet. Preaching is perhaps the one job that everyone knows a pastor does. It is way harder than most think. Each pastor has a different way preaching. One thing I observed from all of our guest speakers, is that they take a lot of time to think over the passage they are going to preach. They read it many times and let the text sink in. Then they figure out what God is trying to tell them and how to apply it to the lives of the congregation. When they are preaching, they need to be listening to and for the Holy Spirit. He may be telling them to say something that is not in their outline, but they should do it. He may also be telling them to stop talking. The Holy Spirit could be telling them other things. Preaching is supposed to be a way for the congregation to grow and have a deeper understanding of God and all he has done for them. It should include the Gospel and should have some evangelistic elements to it. Another job pastors has is counseling people in times of need. Counseling can be very difficult, and many pastors struggle with this because they do not feel trained to do it. It is very important that the pastor knows when to refer someone to a professional. Our guest speaker, Dr. Dan, gave many reasons for why a pastor may…

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