How Does Methamphetamine Change Your Life

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A Cheap Drug That Can Change Your Life
Methamphetamine is a known drug that many addicts use. Unknowingly, this drug can be prescribed by a doctor yet most individuals know this poisonous drug as “crystal meth”, but has the brand name of “Desoxyn”. Not many individuals may know that this is and can be a seriously addicting stimulant to their mind and body.
When it comes to methamphetamine there are five main ways that a person is able to consume this drug. The first way is by smoking the drug. This method is one of the first main common ways to consume the drug. By smoking crystal meth, it travels to the brain causing an intense sensation. Secondly, taking crystal meth by mouth (oral) is by the pill form. Third, snorting the meth is another popular way to utilize this drug. While watching the video, short clips of individuals snorting was shown. When snorting, the addict crushes the substance or purchases it into a powdered form. The fourth way that someone can utilize methamphetamine is by dissolving it into any sort of beverage. Lastly, the other known way that people are known to take meth is by injecting it into their veins. By doing this causes it to take affect quicker than the other ways.
Most users depend on this drug not only because it is cheap, but more so of the rush that it gives them. After in taking
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However, it is an easy drug to make but it extremely dangerous to make. Making this drug is a bigger risk than actually taking it. The reason being is that there are plenty of different chemicals being mixed up that can eventually cause an explosion. Therefore, making it is more dangerous then utilizing it. Methamphetamine is known to be the most dangerous drug. According to the video, methamphetamine has become global and is three times more powerful than cocaine. Apparently most individuals who become clean from the addiction of meth have a relapse; about ninety two percent will have a

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