Masculinity In Our Society

The idea of masculinity is the catalyst of turmoil for our society and its problems. Boys at a young age are taught to only to “manly” things and don’t do anything girly. Masculine and feminine characteristics are in both male are females. This damages the psyche of boy and men in society especially America. Since boys are taught to not be like a “sissy”or throw a ball “like a girl,” it teaches them that women are inferior to men which leads to the objectifying of women and also lead to homophobia. But in the long run, bottling up all these feminine emotions which leaves men pent up and lead to an explosion of violence and aggression
Masculinity is “the rejection of all that is feminine,(The Mask You Live In)” in basic terms. The main emotions
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Since boys are taught being like a girl is a horrible heresy, and doing ”masculine” activities is the best right and best thing to do, it makes girls look inferior. Society praises masculine traits while demoting feminine traits. A masculine achievement today is having sex with multiple women. If you da sex with only one, maybe two girls, then you are seen as only okay man but, if you are a virgin then you are already categorised as a wimp or even seen a gay for not having sex. The type of male that is the least type of masculine is a homosexual. So, no wanting to have intercorse with ever girl as possible is a sin to the hyper masculine society America is. That is a big reason why women are shown as sex objects in media to get the male audience. They are taught to have high lebidos and look at women on a sexual standpoint so if there is a lot of cleavage and tight fitting clothes in games, movies, or in media in general, it will sell. Also, pornagraphy is the main sex education boys get since “on average boy watch two hours of porn a week. (The Mask You Live In)” Porn objectifies everyone in it and especially women. Porn is even seen as a guy thing and there is very aggressive/violent porn out there teaching guys that, that is the way you should teach a woman. Since guys are taught to accomplish goal by themselves and not be emotionally …show more content…
Society tries to put everyone into stereotypes to make the world simpler to conceive when it’s way too complex to simplify. In doing so people are pushed to fit a mold which hurts them in some way. It does the most harm when no one acknowledges it and masculinity is a prime example today. When men act out, society just blames it on the male sex and or just says they are an anomaly when society is the one who creates and teaches them making this hyper masculinity a major problem in today 's

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