How Does Life Exist Essay

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10. What is LIFE According to Cosmic Analyses?
• “‘Life’ can be defined as two inter-connected phenomena - ‘Creation’ & ‘Experience’ or CAUSE & EFFECT. ‘Some people ask smart question although based on rhetoric inertia, ‘Why Does Life Exists’? MARTINUS ANSWERS, “LIFE JUST EXISTS! It is ETERNAL - NO CAUSE FOR THE LIFE EXISTANCE.” (Quote from unspecified public lecture held in ‘Martinus Institute’ Copenhagen in 1949)
• Wherever Any Form of Consciousness Exists There is Life. CONSCIOUSNESS IS OMNIPRESENT and appears in the following forms: As a THOUGHT, As ‘Day Consciousness’, & As an ‘Automatic Function’ or ‘Habitual Consciousness’. Per Example, an individual wants to learn to drive a car.
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What is PURPOSE of Life?
• People ‘feel’ somehow that LIFE HAS TO HAVE A MEANING! There is wide range of questions, usually with implying answers, on True Purpose of Life, IF there is one, in formulations such as, ‘What is the meaning of life?’, ‘What 's it all about?’, ‘Who are we?’, ‘What is the reason to live?’ ‘What is the purpose of one 's life?’, ‘What are we living for?’, ‘What is the origin of life?’, ‘What is the nature of reality?’, ‘ What are we here for?’, ‘ What is meaningful and valuable in life?’ etc. Each of asked questions reflects and accentuates some specific aspect or angle of interest of those curious.
• The interest for ‘The meaning of life’ comes from variety of contemplative zones forming scientific, philosophic and religious inquiries of course connected to the key aspects of life perception – physical existence, social interactivity, consciousness, unavoidable concepts of ‘good’& ‘evil’, free will, values…and, of course, HAPPYNESS. In addition, the purpose of life can be connected with ‘HOW’ in life in order to attain ‘well-being’, longevity, do something valuable for self and others, Love, meet the God’. In fact, even building an approach to this CENTRAL QUESTION OF EXISTANCE is ‘tough’

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