Essay on How Does Life And Its Obstacles Shape Myself

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How does life and its obstacles shape myself to be the person I am today? As I have learner. Life has taught me that no I could not choose the way I grew up, that’s all on my parents but yes I can choose the way I live my life as I become older. Although I am only 19, I grew up very fast and the way I comprehend life is not like most. In other words, I do not let my complex childhood dictate who I am today but it has had some input in my adult life.
My childhood was fairly hard and most would not believe everything that has been going on in my life because I often smile to keep from crying. A lot of my emotions do not be shown to the outside world or to anyone for that matter. I keep everything to myself and do not convey my life story to anyone. I feel as if people will judge the way that I have grew up for an example, my mother was an addict. Now to some admitting that may be embarrassing but not for me. I look at the life she has lived and think to myself “Do you want to live that life?” and of course the answer is NO. With that being said, I also think of ways to prevent that life style because my aunt is a current addict so it seems to run on that side of the family. I come up with preventions and ways to avoid going down the same road. With my mom being an addict as I grew, my childhood was like most kids. It involved of course, a lot of police and law enforcers and visiting in jail. While most kids will get out of school and want to go play outside with their friends,…

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