How Does Language Shape The Way We Think? Essay

2304 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 10 Pages
In the essay “How Does Language Shape the Way We Think?” the author, Lera Boroditsky, attempts to show the direct correlation between the language one person speaks and the way in which that specific person views the world around them. The essay includes many other researchers in the field and in doing so incorporates them into the essay, as a way of giving more information and statics on the topic. Borodisky additionally allows the reader to connect all of the points she makes in her essay together, meaning some of the inferencing is done on the part of the reader, which in turns makes the essay adaptable to each reader. This adaptability or play in the connections of ideas allows “How…Think” to be understood for a wider variety of audiences and gives the audience the ability to form a personal connection with the points Borodisky makes in the essay. The connection made between the reader and the essay is one in which over the course of the essay they become more aware of their own thinking patterns, making them more interested in the points of the essay. As an introduction to her topics, Boroditsky starts off by asking questions all relating to topics she will discuss in detail in her essay. They are arranged in order from more communal among speakers to ending with ones specific to the way each person sees the world; in doing this she additionally orders them from broad in scope to detailed. This order of precedence allows for the audience to be gently shown the way of…

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