How Does Language Affect The World And How You Will Develop The Stages Necessary For Survival?

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Student as Metaphor By being a student metaphor I see that language is learned either through associations between words and the things they represents or it can be learned by culture transmission allowing us to produce new expression by combining others expression together. I believe that the environment you are a raise has a great impact on how you will embrace the world and how you will develop the stages necessary for survival. Anthropology and linguist work together to explain spoken language and to see the different linguistic structures that can produces different ways of thinking among culture. This can produce social variation, diversity, and innovation within a specific society. Our ancestors faced challenges in order to adapt themselves to overcome problems in order to acquire the necessary, the basic needed to survive. It was because of adaptation that allowed our language and environment to evolved, changed, mold throughout the years. This change has happened gradually from a simpler state of life into a much more complex, sophisticated society as we are today. We no longer use hunting and gather mode strategy with purpose of feeding a single family. Our economy now is based on industrial system of production distribution and consumption of resources. That give us the flexibility to choose what kind of product we want to consume. When we want to buy goods, we tend to make choices based on the product that will maximize our profit. This…

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