How Does Islam Fundamental Used The Power Of Religion Twisted The Original Meaning Of Love And Justice

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“Comic artist Marjane Satrapi tells the story of her childhood in Iran during the Revolution of 1979”(Stoll 1) under the suppress of the Islam fundamentalism, with extreme violence and torture. people in Iran grew out some suspicion toward the national religion. Also, the unsatisfying citizens, with the lost of freedom of right, the growth of anger from thousand of persian. Marjane “Satrapi 's storytelling ability to engage readers both emotionally and in informing them of Iran 's national history” (Stoll 1) . The author of this book is to discuss about how Islam fundamental used the power of religion twisted the original meaning of love and justice, and hope. When the extreme cruel reality, like when the time when her uncle saw as russian spy and got excuted. The shock from the facts makes marji hopeless and the real time to face at the reality and lost her innocent. Showed the despear toward islam.

In persepolis one, there are serveral motifs. Among these motifs, the god appear the most at the first few pages of the book. Marji, the main character lived in Iran, whereas become under supress of the Islam fundamental regime as the story goes. As the storyline proceed, Marji grows into a adult, and lost her trust for Islam and her innocent. The God act as a important sign, a motif, throughout the first part of the persepolis to empathize how Marji view about the world differently when she know about the reality in her society that she is lived in.

The god is the projection…

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