How Does Idealogy Shape Societies? Essay

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Ideology Shaped Society
Actions are built on thoughts and beliefs. People act on what they believe in and this produces physical and mental results of all kinds. A society with a religion basis, a society with a governmental rule: all basic ideologies that are regarded as important factors that shape a nation. Ideology shapes society through a collaboration of common beliefs that unify a group that later determines how the society functions.
Religion was a basic concept in which shaped society dramatically as it was a center of belief for all who participated. Especially in the Middle Ages, religion was followed by a large sum of the population and was, for many the simple answer to the meaning of life. For example, during the time of
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This shaped society based on the class you were in. The segregation of society all originated with the governmental system; and this is what creates tension in a nation as the question of equality is constantly brought up for the lower social classes (Union County College Faculty). A modern reoccurrence of government influencing society is the current situation in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is governed by a dictator, Robert Mugabe and due to his governmental rank he shapes society in a way that represses cocasions in the country as he was originally a freedom fighter freeing the local Zimbabweans under the rule of the British (Johnson). “The only white man you can trust is a dead white man” -Robert Mugabe (BrainyQuotes). This specific type of government makes the people fearful and scared, with a society that represses the government. This causes tension within the country itself, and instability throughout the nation (Johnson). Through the ideology of government, rulers tend to shape their society basing on laws enforced, ways of ruling and sometimes their own freewill. We all, transcended through history are part of a society in which took their individual path. United as one, enabled each nation to progress differently and live completely different lives based upon the ideology that each nation chose to live by. Early times, which so greatly emphasized the importance of religion, illustrated an ideology that was so influential to the building of

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