How Does Human Activity in Watersheds Affect the Water Quality of Lakes?

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How does human activity in watersheds affect the water quality of lakes?

Water is a vital resource that sustains all living things. In Michigan, people value this abundant resource and are attractive to the thousands of inland lakes which provide aesthetic, as well as recreational opportunities throughout the year. The health of our lakes is directly impacted by the amount of recreational use they receive, shoreline development, and water quality. Water quality covers many aspects of lake chemistry and biology. Both natural and man- made features of watersheds impact the quality of aquatic habitats. Examining the relationship between land use and water clarity in lakes can help us to understand what negatively
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From year to year, the lake 's water clarity seems to remain fairly stable except for Devils
Lake. In the year 2000, the Secchi Disk reading was 7.7 and improved gradually to 11.1 in 2003.
One explanation for improvement in clarity may be due to an increased amount of forests, wetlands and vegetation around the shoreline which would be a buffer zone. A buffer zone helps to absorb nutrients and act as a filter

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