How Does Hr Management Affect All Managers? Essay examples

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How does HR management affect all managers?
What the Health Resources management does is they are the ones responsible for the well being of employees in any business no matter how little or how big they are. The responsibilities of the HR management atr payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and staying up to date with state and federal tax laws. The human resources management play a large role in an organizations success or failure. The most import thing is for all managers of an organization to be able to work together. The human resources manager as you can see takes a toll on all other managers in the company.

◦ Should an employer have the right to choose employees without governmental interference?

I think the employer has the right to hire and fire any employees he wishes without the government interference the decision. The government doesn’t really interfere with the decision in the first place unless there is a law or violation broken during the process.

◦ Some critics claim that corporate HR departments have outlived their usefulness and are not there to help employees but to keep the organization from legal problems. What do you think? What benefits are there to having a formal HR management process? What are the drawbacks? I believe without human resource management the whole system will fail, even if they are just there to keep the organizations from legal problems. What if they aren’t there anymore then those legal problems are going to start…

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