How Does Hale Use Authority In The Crucible

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The Crucible: Greed and Realization A chance. A chance is all that one needs to prove themselves to others. A chance is all that one needs to express themselves to the world, and a chance is all that one needs to take their revenge on others. In Arthur Miller’s book The Crucible, a proposal of witchcraft in a village leads to hysteria and neighbours accusing neighbours of witchcraft for greed. Firstly, When Abigail abuses her influence to achieve a selfish goal, John Proctor begins to understand the faults in Abigail’s ways. Secondly, when Deputy Governor Danforth misuses his supremacy for personal benefit, Reverend John Hale comes to recognize what true power is and how it should properly be used. When people misuse authority for their own gain, others learn what true authority is and how it should be used justly. When Abigail misuses her authority and influence on the people around her to achieve a greedy ambition, John Proctor comes to understand what true authority is. Abigail Williams was one of the girls who was seen by Reverend Samuel Parris dancing in the forest. After this encounter, some of the other …show more content…
Deputy Governor Danforth is a man who is very keen on ensuring that everyone knows of his power and what he is capable of. In The Crucible, Danforth goes to every extent to maintain his reputation and never steps down to admit that he was wrong. Specifically, when Francis Nurse comes into the court to try to save his wife, Rebecca Nurse, from being hanged, Danforth makes sure to explain what he is capable of:
DANFORTH: Peace, Judge Hathorne. Do you know who I am, Mr. Nurse?
FRANCIS: I surely do, sir, and I think you must be a wise judge to be what you are.
DANFORTH: And do you know that near to four thousand are in the jails of Marblehead to Lynn, and upon my signature?

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