How Does Gravity Maintain Our Solar System

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Gravity is the force that maintains our solar system. According to, the sun is held together due to gravity.The sun formed from a large collapsing cloud made of gas and dust. All objects or bodies in the solar system are affected by the gravitational pull of the sun. Without the gravitational pull the sun would not stay near our planets. This shows that gravity forms our solar system because it holds together the sun which keeps the formation and the gravitational pull. Without the gravitational pull or the attraction a sun exerts on our planets we would just float away from the sun. According to Inside of spinning disk is a rocky material because all of the gas had joined together and created a star. …show more content…
Therefore, all of our planets are held together by gravity because if not for the gravity our planet’s would scatter across the universe in a bunch of little pieces. Also if the planet’s didn’t exist neither would we. The gravity in other words the force that attracts you to something is a big part of our universe. At, Gravity impacts our length/size and distance of our orbit by the strong pull of gravity. The gravity of the sun keeps us orbiting. They stay in orbit because no other force in the Solar System is trying to pull them. The only force that is trying to pull them is sun and gravity. The gravity helps the sun so the planet’s will keep

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