How Does Google Make A Search Engine More Efficient For Your Life More Comfortable For Its Customers?

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Google has looked to scientists and information technicians to brainstorm ideas to formulate health and lifestyle doodads. The health products are comprised of a Google pill and a Google spoon to help destroy and make life more comfortable for its customers. The life style products consist of a self-driving automobile, Google deodorant, and Google brain. The self-driven car can benefit the social atmosphere of a person through a safe, enjoyable, hands free experience. Google deodorant gives males an alternative to fulfilling their co-existence with a woman. Google brain in its infancy shows promise in recognition of images in categories to make a search engine more efficient.
Self-Driving Automobile Google’s automatic car utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to safely take people around the city. GPS incorporates and uses triangulation (use of 3 satellites) to pick-up, drive, and drop off a customer with safety as the utmost consideration. There is a heads up display that is a mastery of colors showing the oncoming traffic and geographic manmade features the car and person will encounter. There is a button that will put the car in the self-driven mode or to take it off to let the customer drive. A female voice signifies using the Google Chauffer software when either mode is on or off. The car’s computer takes advantage of a laser finder mounted on top to cautiously travel when traffic is heavy. (Fisher, 2013). Challenges of the self-driven car are possible…

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