Essay on How Does Gender Relations Represented?

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In today 's world the media wield enormous power. Media industries are operating in a market increasingly globalized and more monopolistic. In addition, the media come daily in our homes, deeply affecting our way of seeing the world. Adults and children and youth spend many hours a day watching television, transforming this activity into a more in all daily activities. Even more powerful is the ongoing revolution such as the development that has had and continues to have a means of communication such as the Internet.
It is irrefutable, in a situation like the present one, that the media have a great importance in building the image of the world that makes every person and which is made at the level of collective imagination. But what image they give us the media of women? And not only that, but how does gender relations represented?
A close look at the data reveals that women continue to be represented (in most cases) as homemakers, as objects of male pleasure, as passive beings whose value is measured by physical appearance. Also men generally are represented by following stereotypes as force, domination, action and the inability to take care of family care.
The media are simultaneously players and creators of female and male models, this means, what socially and culturally is considered suitable of being a woman and being a man. People are their own gender identity, male or female, assuming the norms, values and attitudes of the corresponding identity. In this way each…

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