How Does Food Affect The Environment

Too much consumption of anything is harmful to us or for our environment. currently, there is an argument on consumerism which is causing so many problems. It is causing a surplus in food production, and consumers are spending a lot of money on food that they want, rather than on what they need. In the documentary, “Wasted” filmmaker Karim Chorbog, discusses the strict food laws in Korea versus the lenient laws in the U.S. Chorbog notes that laws are being made due to heavy food wastage to save the landfills, waterways, and the environment. He also documents that Korea is utilizing their technology to turn food discard into valuable things which are also beneficial for the environment. On the other hand, chorbog reveals that Americans are wasting …show more content…
Besides that, it can also affect the environment very badly. However, people buy big bulks of food than it needed for their families, causes items to expire and increasing food wastage. I do agree that food waste affects the environment and believe that American society’s excessive consumption of food has become detrimental to our environment.
Food wastage will increase if people will not plane better meal to prevent this cause to protect our environment. It is really important to check on your grocery buying because this could be the first step which begins at home and extra buying of groceries can lead to food waste. When there is a sale or good deals on food, most people buy more than they need to fill their pantries and refrigerator without realizing whether they want it or not. Similarly, when I go out for
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One of the major environmental problems that we are facing is Pollution. Pollution consists of water, air, and soil which takes a very long time to be treated. Pollution makes a direct impact on our Health, due to the Toxins we breathe from air, contaminated the water we drink and contaminated soil which contains chemical spill affecting our plants which we may directly ingest or ingest through animals. I understand what the skeptics’ views, but neglecting or promoting one problem over the other is not a solution. All problems need to be addressed at the same level to prevent Food wastage from becoming tomorrow’s major problem. Food wastage is still something that we need to control it. Consumers can play a big role to reduce the wastage and to keep our environment clean, whereas pollution would require more of Government and big corporation involvement to control the problem. Therefore, I stick with my argument on food wastage to be addressed as a bigger problem and we need to put equal effort in resolving this problem

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