How Does Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 5 of 'the Great Gatsby'?

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Nick Carraway is the primary voice in chapter 5 of Fitzgerald’s 20th century tragedy. This means that all opinions and points of view are portrayed through Carraway’s first person, retrospective and fallible narration. Carraway is presented as fallible in this chapter, as the gaps in the narrative reveals Nick as a fallible narrator. He states that ‘I don’t know whether or not Gatsby went to Coney island’ yet he speculates what Wilson is thinking at the end of Chapter 8 exposing his narration to be fallible as it shows that a lot of the narrative could be speculative and therefore unreliable. Nick also speculates at the end of the chapter, ‘there must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams’, however …show more content…
Daisy’s ‘artificial note’ signifies that her call is untrue, and Gatsby will ‘take a plunge’ into his pool and therefore into death as he states ‘I haven’t made use of it all summer’ foreshadowing the end of his dream in chapter 8.
Fitzgerald uses a range of literary devices to adumbrate the denouement of the novel. Fitzgerald uses pathetic fallacy to foreshadow Gatsby’s inevitable death at the end of the novella. He uses ‘the pouring rain’ and the ‘damp mist’ to signify the awkward and uncomfortable meeting between Daisy and Gatsby. Indeed the use of semantic fields of sadness such as ‘misery’, ‘unhappy’, and, ‘gloom’ help to create a tone of anticipation yet pathos. Fitzgerald describes Gatsby as ‘pale as death…in a puddle of water’. This massively adumbrates the ending of the novella when Gatsby is found dead in his pool. Towards the end of the narrative, Fitzgerald again uses pathetic fallacy when ‘the darkness had parted in the clouds’. This signifies the moment when the relationship starts to thrive, and Gatsby is described as a ‘patron of recruiting light’. This is interesting when linked with Daisy’s name (in a literal sense); the flower needs the light to survive, but it also needs the rain, foreshadowing Daisy’s betrayal in chapter 7.
Time is slowed down in chapter 5; previous chapters are spread over longer times, this signifies the reunion of Gatsby and Daisy; time has gone so fast for daisy, however the ‘five

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