How Does Fitzgerald Tell the Story in Chapter 1 of the Great Gatsby?

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One of the ways in which Fitzgerald tells the story in Chapter 1 is through the characterisation aspect of narrative, using symbolism in order to better exenterate character features. One of the ways Fitzgerald uses characterisation is through description of character appearance, as seen with the description of Daisy whom wears a white dress.
Fitzgerald has perhaps selected the colour white due to the connotations during this era, with the colour white indicating wealth and so immediately we are lead to believe that Daisy is a perhaps wealthy character if she is to posses white clothing. We are lead to believe that those who wear white and can maintain their clothes in pristine white condition aren’t those who bore on doing hard labour
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However Fitzgerald does not only use setting in order to create imagery but also, more subtly to reveal personality traits of Gatsby through the use of description. The mansion of Gatsby is described as an “imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy” and later described to be a newly built house submerged in old appearing features such as a “thin beard of ivy”. Key to this description is the word “imitation” which gives connotations of being none other than a replica, and not at all the real deal. This use of description may reflect the character of which possesses the house, Gatsby. The reference to the house being a mere imitation of something old but in fact, below the surface we are able to see this is false, may suggest that the house is a symbolism for Gatsby and appears on face value as one character, realistically a further look into character suggests he isn’t quite what he seems and merely an imitation of what he wishes to be. From continuing the book we know that this is the case, and Gatsby is only actually a second identity adopted by James Gatz, and there’s deeper meaning to the character presented.
This use of symbolism disguised in setting greater enhances the controversial emotions surrounding Gatsby and further raises suspicion about his character edging the reader to be more greatly interested in what the mystery surrounding Gatsby may

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