How Does Fionna's Character Change Throughout The Book

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It is very clear in my book, Stung by Bethany Wiggins, a constant theme is about character change. This book is about how Fiona wakes up years later from a drug induced sleep, and the world is in ruins. There had been a vaccine for a bee flu, but what people didn’t know was that the vaccine turned people into beasts. At first I thought that this book was just about bravery and how situations can cause you to act differently, but now I realize that this book is much deeper than that. As the main character, Fionna, starts to become braver as the story progresses, I now realize that the situation isn’t making her act out of character, but making her show who she really is.
At first, in the story it shows her almost as frail, but we find out that she is actually very brave, but hasn’t had
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The sentence caught me by surprise and stood out yet fit so perfectly in the text. The sentence was, “The funny thing is, what I am doing right now is exactly what I wanted to do the minute I saw the camp.” This sentence seemed so casual as Fiona ran through the camp dodging bullets of soldiers and I think the use of author’s craft helped relate this one sentence to the theme. It showed that although Fiona has never done this before, it was almost as if it was natural for her. The fact that the author chose her to say “The funny thing is” at the beginning of the sentence shows that she reacts to stressful situations is by being brave. The author shows with this sentence that Fiona isn’t the type to run from these situations. This also makes me realize that situations not only show help show who people really are, but also shows what they value most. That sentence shows that she doesn’t care as much about what happens to her, but more about others. She’s so casual about being in a life or death situation, but the text later says that she is worried about Arrin’s

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