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Pick Up the Mantle
In 2 Kings 2:13, Elisha picks up the mantle that had been left behind by Elijah, symbolizing the passing on of the ministry to Elisha. God had not only chosen Elisha, but gave him the mantle, the covering of His Holy Spirit, to give him power and show his election and rite of succession. With this power Elisha was able to do great works for the Lord. God had chosen His only begotten son, equipping Him with the power to raise the dead, to give sight to the blind, to perform the impossible in the midst of unbelief, and to die for the sins of the whole world, all in order to bring His creation back to Himself. Yet, none of this would occur until Christ’s baptism by John at the Jordan River. As John baptizes Jesus, the passing
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As such, he was able to perform literally twice as many miracles as his predecessor, Elijah. Jesus would tell his disciples that they would not only do the works he had done, but also greater works would be possible in His name , because he would ascend to the father. In both cases, the predecessor leaving and commissioning of the successor, has given rise to greater works of ministry. However, this is not to say that the works of the Elijah or Jesus, especially, could be surpassed in might. Greater works refer to the work scope of the disciples and well as the source of the power . Because Jesus had ascended to the Father, the disciples had the power of prayer along with the power of the Holy Spirit to do the work of Lord. Moreover, the disciples had been called to the Gentile mission, the spreading of the Gospel over all the Earth. Jesus had primarily stay within Israel and its surrounding areas. However the disciples, especially Paul, spread the Gospel throughout the known world of that time. The work of Christ has not changed for us today. We are to continue this work, using the vast amount resources unavailable in those times, to reach people across the world. We have the ability to reach people in different ways, in different languages efficiently and effectively, spreading the goodness of the Lord to all of the …show more content…
As a part of canonized scripture, is a part of the redemptive narrative of a loving God attempting reconcile His beloved creation back to Himself. The pericope for this paper shows God faithfulness to reward those that have diligently and earnest believed and done His will. Elijah, like Moses, had great faith and did the work of Lord, though the people of Israel fought against them on many occasions. Both were given the God’s power to begin a redeeming and promised work that would completed by their successors. Elisha, like Joshua, was chosen as successor. Elisha was able to begin the work started by Elijah to completion, the end of state sponsored Baal worship and a return to belief in the true and living God. This is similar to how Joshua was able to the land of Canaan for the Israelite; the land to which Moses had led the Israelites. Much like Moses and Elijah, John the Baptist would lead the way of the coming of his successor, the Messiah Jesus Christ, who would come to fulfill the covenantal promise with His death and resurrection. Jesus his disciples with a command to spread the Gospel to all nations; legacy that we have now inherited. This long journey from Moses to Elijah to Christ was all orchestrated by God. All the precise timing, parallels, and miraculous acts were all implemented by the hand of Almighty God. Who but God can do such things as these? It, certainly, could not have been

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