How Does Education Affect Education Essay

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Lovepreet Singh



Education is a foundation for a career and a lifestyle. It is the field of study that deals mainly

with methods of teaching and learning in schools. It is defined as the process of gaining

knowledge. Education is necessary because it provides the information we need rest of our

lives. You need well-rounded education to be successful. Success is an individual definition

and determines what education you need. Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

A person feels successful when he/she achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. To be

successful, we need specialized training. If you want a job you’ll need a college degree or

specialized training. Education needs to include courses, diplomas, and training.
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In the last five years, technology has completely disrupted the entire human beings on

earth, with companies like Google, and Facebook. They’re leveraging technology to transform

people. So what about technology transforming education? Well there’s been some. Obviously

smart boards have replaced chalkboards. We have computers and computer labs, but honestly, it

really doesn’t transform teaching and learning. We have internet where students can find a

summary of a book without even reading the book. Students want help on the essay, they hop on

the internet and find their essay and they copy and paste the essay. Some people argue that that

we’re creating too disconnected of a system. To education systems like Singapore, and South

Korea. What do someone think’s going to happen to the number of chronically failing schools

when we significantly raise the bar on what the kids are expected to learn and to know in order

to be internationally competitive? The number of turnaround schools is likely to skyrocket. But

these schools in these bottom 25% are trapped inside cycles of poverty, homelessness,

abandonment. Is it fair to ask any school to overcome these gravitational

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