How Does Diversity Affect Our Future Decision Making Is Diversity?

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Many of life’s lessons are never discovered in one particular place. We learn valuable insights from personal experiences in a classroom, our work place, and daily life occurrences that influence us to have successful futures. One of the more important subjects that will impact our future decision-making is diversity. I believe I have gained valuable knowledge of diversity while working in different work environments. Diversity is a noun more and more organizations are broadcasting when it comes to describing their work atmosphere. My experiences with diversity in school and my working place have shaped me as a person. Working with others that are different than me in age, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, and backgrounds has given me various points of view on the world. I have learned how difficult it can be to accept changing technologies, and even work expectations. Working in these diverse settings, I have met and befriended some co-workers. Most of the people I meet are friendly, but after you leave that job, you usually don’t talk to them ever again. But there are a select few who really make an impression on you. Though most of the individuals are great, two in particular have really stuck with me. Working at SAIC, I get to work with a great deal of diverse individuals. I work with people who differ in age, religion, race, and backgrounds. Recently we hired a specialist who works in a connecting department with me. We work together, but we perform separate tasks…

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