How Does Diversity Affect Our Educational Choices? Essay

1231 Words Apr 8th, 2015 null Page
The world we live in is a very diverse place. Everywhere we look and choose to go, there is always a person from a different background staring back at us. Diversity allows society to have different experiences in life, as well as allows us the opportunities to encounter different individuals, upbringings, and beliefs. Often, diversity to most of us, lies in subjects such race, status, and even religion. However, we probably never think about how each of these elements impact our educational choices? These elements play a role in our lives from the day we are born, impacting the choices we make to each day, even when it comes to education. I had the opportunity to speak with 5 different people about their educational experiences, as well as their views on the importance of education. The individuals I interviewed come from different walks of life. I interviewed a middle-aged bi-racial male with limited college experience, as well as a middle-aged black woman with limited college experience. The difference of opinion between these middle-aged individuals rested mainly their upbringings. Although both individuals grew up in a two parent household, the middle-aged bi-racial male grew up poor, while the middle-aged black female grew up a more privileged. In one household the child was encouraged to find work rather than get an education due to finances, while the other child was not forced to find work, but education was not a top priority. During the interviews, I asked each…

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