Essay on How Does Digital Marketing Affect Small Businesses

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No one questions that the Internet plays a vital role in marketing. In fact, research has found that more than 70 percent [] of consumers engage with brands through digital channels. However, small businesses sometimes ignore digital marketing because cyberspace seems like the realm of larger companies. Is that really the case? How does digital marketing affect small businesses, and is this way of reaching consumers right for everyone?
Digital Marketing Is Local Marketing

Digital channels have a global reach, so is that really the right way to go for small businesses, especially the brick-and-mortar variety? Consider some key facts []:

80 percent of consumers use search engines to find information about their local area. More than half of smartphone users turn to their mobile devices to find local business hours. Half of smartphone users who conducted a search for local information visited a store within a day, and 18 percent of searches for local information resulted in a purchase within a day.

A Kabbage post claims, “Local marketing is more important to small businesses than ever before.” Statistics show that digital marketing often is local marketing. Small business owners who ignore the Internet in favor of traditional methods of advertising miss…

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