How Does Defamation Affect College Students And The Different Ways These Victims?

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Research Problem


Defamation is something that is constantly around us, the desire to stain someone’s imagine and to ridicule them will always be difficult to comprehend , but, when dealing with a topic like Defamation we cannot be naive. People often associate Defamation with various avenues but never know the true meaning of the word, according to Siegel, P.(2011) “Defamation are those utterances that if believed will make a listener think less highly of the person described, avoid their company in social situations, or avoid seeking out their services in business relationships”. (p. 84) defamation in some cases can be unintentional, but it is still wrong.
The key purpose and objective behind this article is the highlight how Defamation affects College students and the different ways these victims are attacked while focusing on the ways this can be dealt with.
To wrongfully hurt an individual 's reputation is something that should be frowned upon. The effect that an injured reputation has on someone can affect an individual in many ways, the questions we should ask ourselves whenever Defamation is conversed about is, can we stomach an injured reputation? Defamation laws date back to a period where the acknowledgement of damaging someone’s reputation should be penalized.

Literature Review

The history of Defamation in America goes back to the 13th century and has its roots in the nation’s very foundation. According to the “English…

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