How Does Conflict Management Affect My Life

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How Conflict management affected my life.

Conflict Management has really affected my life because i live in a house full of girls. We hardly ever get along and when we were talking about creating safety i was amazed because i didn’t really know how to do that. I didn’t want to start doing it until things got out of hand. I learned that silence or violence wasn’t the best choice. I was admitted to the hospital a few times because of that. Creating Safety has really stuck with me since we started talking about it. I will definitely use this in everyday life. I will have to use this when i talk to my step-sister because she is pregnant and using these tools were really helpful. The monologues has help me get a better look on how a conversation should
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Most people are afraid and go silent i was once that person and always withdrawn from everyone and didn’t say anything to anyone i was like conrad in ordinary people if they ask i would say i am fine. When in all reality i was completely messed up with life and i had been so stressed i wanted to just withdraw from everyone because i didn’t think that they understood me. I didn’t realize that everyone else had feelings also. Knowing the three forms of Silence and Violence has helped me go so far in this year that i have been back and actually wanted to learn how the whole psychology thing works. Management of my emotions has been an issue with me and i have been able to control them until now and that is a big thing for my house we speak what comes to mind and sometimes we need to kinda let it go. Manage your emotions and you will be ok in this world. Being in this class this year has really helped me in so many ways and i can’t wait to share this with people that need the help with this kind of stuff. When faced with a crucial conversation step out of content and then step back into content that is creating safety. Never yell back your conscious is the one telling you to

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