How Does Climate Change Affect The Earth

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Climate Change and its Effect on Earth Climate change, you probably have heard of it, but you don’t really see anyone talking about it on the news or social media. This is the problem with society, no one seems to do anything about it. They can’t see the real picture in that the society in general is actually destroying the Earth instead of helping it. Why climate change is a risk and a risk to everyone on Earth is the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2). For thousands of years it’s been at a steady level never exceeding 300 ppm (parts per million) at least not until 1950 where the carbon dioxide levels started to increase because of industrialization. As we started to become an industrialized society the carbon dioxide levels started …show more content…
With the CO2 increase there tends to be problems happening on the Earth such as rising sea levels, extreme weather, global temperature rise. With most of the population on Earth living near the coast rising sea levels is a danger that no one seems to notice. Everyone loves going to the Beach on a hot sunny day. Everyone dreams of living next to the beach in a beautiful beach house. Unfortunately, most of the houses and cities will be taken by the ocean in the next couple centuries at the rate sea levels are rising. At
Zavala 2 the rate sea levels are rising a study by Destiny Studies are showing that most of the coast of Florida could be underwater by 2500. The rise of sea levels is all due to melting caps, which is caused by too much CO2 creating a greenhouse effect making the Earth warmer than would it usually is. It is a big problem for everyone who live near the coast as studies shown by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), “about 40% of the population lives near the coast.” As living near the coast tends to be a problem already such as natural disaster where hurricanes have become stronger pulling in to the mainland farther than where they usually appear.
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As no one knows how worse it can get because all there is, is data from past they have to rely on that and calculate it if climate change continues. With data only from the past, there is a possibility that it can get much worse than what is calculated. Such as hurricanes in the future will get bigger it will be a danger to live on the coast, which means the population would have to move more inland for safety. The stronger hurricanes will bring in stronger winds destroying houses and crops. Rainfall would bring in floods. With the rise of temperature means warmer waters which causes hurricanes. All these problems are affected by climate change and if it continues it would become even worse for future generations. So far no one seems to find a solution on how to change this. Homes and industries are still being built not knowing they are at risk and architectures think that they will be able to withstand these extreme events. The government is just wasting money rebuilding when instead they can find a better solution against extreme weather. So far what is being done is to study these extreme events and maybe in the near future understand and find a solution as it seems to be ignored instead of taking

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