Essay on How Does Christ Fulfill The Kingdom Of God?

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How does Christ fulfill the Kingdom of God? In other words: How is Jesus Christ "God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule and blessing" (21; see especially, pp. 109–14)?
Jesus Christ fulfills the Kingdom of God. My aim in this short paper is to show how Christ fulfills the Kingdom of God. In short, Jesus fulfills the Kingdom in three ways: Through God’s people, through God’s place, and through God’s rule/blessing (God 's Big Picture, Chapter 6, pp. 107–21)
First, Jesus fulfills the kingdom through God’s people (God 's Big Picture, Chapter 6, pp. 109–14). What do I mean by this? Well I think an example will help. When we look at Adam in the Garden of Eden, we see that he fell into sin; in other words, Adam failed in what he was supposed to do-image God (God 's Big Picture, Chapter 6, pp. 109–14). Likewise, the people of Israel also failed to honor God’s law. But, in steps Jesus to be the truer Adam and the truer Israel. Jesus is the true Adam because Jesus succeeded, but Adam failed. Adam fell into sin, Jesus was sinless. As a result, if we trust in Jesus Christ, then we gain salvation with Christ as our new head, not Adam as our representative. In other words, under Adam we die but in Christ we live. Also, when Israel was tempted in the wilderness, they fell into sin. However, when Jesus was tempted in the wilderness he did not sin. As a result, Jesus is the better Isreal.
Secondly, Jesus fulfills the Kingdom through God’s place. In the Old Testament, God’s people…

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