Celebrities Influence On Social Media

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Celebrities on Social Media “Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are where stars go to be made and where dying stars go live again” (Allen). Since the Internet has appeared, the music industry has been majorly impacted. Celebrities are now able to gain exposure and fans, and can also use social media to connect with their fans and stay famous. They are able to get more exposure and promote themselves to help their careers. They also can use their fame for other purposes such as charities. The Internet helps celebrities to raise awareness to whatever they may want. Celebrities’ careers have been enhanced by gaining exposure and fame due to increased use of social media.
Social media allows anyone to become famous but also keeps present and past
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Celebrities do things that allow fans to interact such as how Katy Perry displays her fans’ tweets over the Jumbo-tron during her live concert performances. They also leak behind-the-scenes footage, song lyrics, and other fan-only information on social media to keep their fans connected. Also, celebrities use social media to help raise awareness for charities. In 2011, celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Britney Spears, and Kim Kardashian tweeted to raise awareness for the Berry family who had just suffered a tragic accident. Their tweets reached millions of fans who could re-post a picture of them making a heart and/or donate. Also, several celebrities pledged to not use Facebook or Twitter until they reached their goal amount of donations. After the first six days, they raised more than $500,000 for the Keep a Child Alive foundation. “Celebrities reach out to their fans for support, notify them of new projects, and leak new information to get them involved” (Bubba). Social media allows celebrities to interact more with their fans and spread information. They can use their power to raise awareness while also gaining more fans. Both generosity and self-promotion aid in gaining more fans and becoming more …show more content…
The Internet may be seen as hurting celebrities’ careers when in reality it helps them. While celebrities may be losing money, they are gaining fans. An example is Amanda Palmer who put on a secret show for her fans. All her fans had to do was to leave a comment on Get Glue about their favorite moment at her concert. She may have lost money, but she gained the respect and love of her fans. “In 2012 she started a Kickstarter project to fund a tour to promote her new album and art book with the goal to raise $100,000 in 31 days, she raised $1,192,793” (Walter). Palmer raised a lot more money than she needed due to the connection she shares with her fans. She is so kind to her fans that they help her even if she gives music away for free. Being kind to fans creates a strong bond and an even bigger fan base. Palmer may have given away free concerts but the money she lost was made up by the love of her fans. Another down side of the use of social media is that it makes it easier for trouble to start with haters. Some celebrities tend to get in fights with haters online which can hurt their image but it also creates exposure. Often after being involved in a scandal, celebrities take to social media to apologize and fix their reputation. Sometimes social media can be thought to hurt a celebrities’ image but all publicity is good publicity. Any exposure can help someone to gain more fame.

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