Essay about How Does Bullying Affect Our Lives

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How does bullying affects our everyday lives and what can be done to curve bullying? There have been more reports in the news about bullying in recent years. It is not just the grade schools, bullying is taking place in the colleges, as well as the workplace. We all have encountered a bully at some time or another. Bullying has become society’s worse nightmare for their innocent victim. According to Faris and Felmlee “Bullying is intentional harm-doing or harassment that is directed malicious, aggressive behaviors, including physical violence, verbal mockery, threats, ostracism, and rumors spread either orally or by other means of communication, such as the Internet.” Bullies are people who feel the need to take the anger out on others and the results are not consequences for their actions.
The victims of the bully are subjected to unwanted actions which occur repeatedly. This repeated negative action has been labeled as “bullying”. Bullying starts at an early age and get progressively worse as the bully gets older. Bullying can start as early as the age of three, when a child enters daycare. A child will began pushing, hitting and picking on other without consequences for there negative actions. That child will begin repeating their negative action on others because there were no consequences taken to correct the bullying. Bullies are viewed as one person and the victim; however a bully needs an audience, who helps them to continue the harassment and give them the…

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