How Does Aristotle Views Human Life Essay

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Have you ever imagined your life being written as a story where you are acting as the protagonist in the story and you are playing out a particular character? This is how Aristotle views human life as. He states that when we are first born, we are born into a story. Your character is born into a specific role that you must play. So you were born into a family, you are expected to be a daughter and play the role as a daughter. You were born into this role; it is not something that is a chosen factor. You develop this specific role and the qualities that go along with this in many different parts of your life. But you do not play just one role in your life, you play many roles and have many relationships with many people. Therefore, creating different qualities and character traits so that you can do well in those roles. These qualities and character traits that you play in the role is what make you, you. But as Dr. Tim Adamson says in Notes on Ethics and Ethical Theory (13), “you cannot say you are a good parent if you are impatient; You cannot be an excellent musician without developing a sense of rhythm.” Each role that you play has standards of excellence which you develop over time using the skills you grasp from your specific role that you are put into. Such as the musician you develop the skill of sensing rhythm in a piece of music. To get excellence you practice that skill that is needed in your role.
I started to explain this word of excellence in the previous…

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