How Does Animal Agriculture Affect Environmental Degradation?

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Environmental activists can be considered notorious for initiating some of the most dangerous movements. While activists are focused on industrialization (examples: chaining themselves to trees, sabotaging bulldozers, and in insane measures choosing not to procreate, believing the Earth would be better off without humans), they are blind to the damage caused by animal agriculture, also known as the agribusiness. While facing the majority of the world whose action are expanding agribusiness, the collective corporation that supplies meat are capable of corrupting politics. Animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of environmental degradation over any domestic use. This essay explores the question: “How does animal agriculture affect environmental degradation?” By using census data, expert opinion, and scholarly articles and films within the last 10 years, I will be discuss the degrading effects animal agriculture has had on the Earth.
People can have a variety of perspectives on animal agriculture. For example, Jonathan S. Foer in “Eating Animals”, describes it to be
“ pornography because factory farming is hard to define but easy to identify. In a narrow sense it is a system of industrialized and intensive agriculture in which animals—often housed by the tens or even hundreds of thousands—are genetically engineered, restricted in mobility, and fed unnatural diets (which almost always include various drugs, like antimicrobials.” Animal agriculture can be seen as…

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