How Does America Become One Of The Greatest Economically? Essay example

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The video starts off with Spencer arguing that the term "Race" does exist in America which I believe to be false. He also believes that we need a "white ethnostate" so that "our"(his/white) people can "come home again,". He makes several points that Europeans , especially the ones of this country do not and never did need the help of anybody else (any other race) to succeed. But the question that Martin raises and pushes is ,"How did America become one of the greatest, economically?"
Martin argues that this country was built on the backs of our ancestors; he also argues that America 's wealth came from the cotton that slaves had to kill themselves to pick, the wealth came from the free labor that African Americans were forced into. America did not get its boost from the "thoughtful whites", it came from the labor of our people.

Spencer believes that America became what it is because of the intelligence of white Europeans. Spencer attempts to justify slavery by saying that Europeans looked at it as a business model, a buisness model that any smart white man could have thought of. But in doing so he contradicts himself by saying that he dislikes the plan and would 've rejected every aspect of slavery, and this comes to point of why give America credit in the first place if what Europeans did were socially and morally wrong? I don 't understand why he would first say that America was smart for choosing to do what they did but then say he did not like the plan and would have…

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