How Does Advertising Shape The Youth Identity? Essay

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How does advertising shape the youth’s identity?

_Advertising in today’s media present their product as the needed essential in a youth’s life to fit in society?

TOPIC SENTENCE (1st major argument):
Advertisements know that they’re the main component in a youth’s life in forming their identity.

Source (last name of Author & page #) _Steinem, 251____________________________

Specific evidence/example 1:
__In any case, we do know it’s the advertisers who are determining what [youth’s] are getting now.

Who: Consumers
What: Decision in purchase
Where: Any stores, billboards, and magazines
When: During the post-patriarchal age
Why: Advertisements were deciding what product they would pitch to an age group
How: Mostly through magazines

Source: Sex, Lies, and Advertising TOPIC SENTENCE (2nd major argument):

Youth’s use the media to form of resource to discover who they really are.

Source (last name of Author & page #) ______Furlong & Guidkova, 86______________

Specific evidence/example 1:

_In coping with this challenge of growing up, young people can draw on the resources of the media and youth culture know-how; from these they can learn new things about themselves and the world, and also about alternative ways of being an individual on the world.

Who: Young people
What: Use the media as their resource to learn about…

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