How Does Advertising Affects Our Lives? Essay

1172 Words Apr 20th, 2016 null Page
Imagine that there are no more advertisements between your tv shows, there is no more Taco Bell’s advertisement that hinders the love between you and your music on Spotify, there is no more random pop-up advertisement while you are having an adventure on the Internet. It sounds amazing to at least some of us, yet the reality is, advertisement is everywhere, from the poster that is posted on the show window to the drink that the movie character is drinking, we are constantly receiving messages to motive us to purchase whatever is being advertised. We are like fishes in the tank that do not know about the water. What is in the surrounding that keeps our eye on things that do not need our attention, that blurs the border line of want and need, that stops us from speculating whether we want an item or we need the item. Pop culture like fashion, technology, and movie hugely encourages monstrous consumption.
One slice of the gigantic pop culture pie is fashion which blurs our concepts of “want” and “need”. We are being convinced that it is essential to follow what other people are doing, to share the same values like other people have. By applying these distorted concepts in fashion industry, we purchase a great amount of clothes that we do not need. In his acrticle “Everything Now,” Steve McKevitt states that need is something reasoned and ever-lasting while want is purely emotional like a spark (145). We do not make choices depend upon our logical sense, but the feeling of…

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