How Does Act 1 of Antony and Cleopatra Prepare the Reader for Tragedy?

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How does Act 1 of Antony and Cleopatra prepare the audience for tragedy?
In this essay i will discuss how act of Antony and Cleopatra prepare the audience for tragedy. Firstly the character of Antony is one of three who rule Rome after the assassination of Julius Caedar. But Antony’s popularity is shortlived, as Shakespeare’s audience discovers when Act I opens in Alexandria, Egypt, where Antony languishes under the spell of Cleopatra’s incomparable beauty and charm. She spends her every wile and witchery on binding his heart to hers—and the world and Rome be damned.Cleaopatra is the queen of Eqypt. The first three scenes of Act One all take place in Queen Cleopatra's palace, in Alexandria. They establish quickly the conflict between
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Antony is having too fine a time to be bothered by news from the Rome, and shirks his duties: "Let Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch' / Of the ranged empire fall! Here is my space, / Kingdoms are clay . . ." (1.1. 33-35). Egypt is escape from the duties of empire, and in Egypt with Cleopatra Antony is able to live life as he loves to live it and also shows that he doesn't care about Rome as he is in love with Cleopatra and wants to spend as much time with her.But Antony's attitude is sharply reversed in the next scene, and he forces himself back to Rome: Antony is torn throughout the play between duty and passion, between Roman power and the good life of Egypt.
Cleopatra's and Antony's relationship . Cleopatra, though mocking of Antony's Roman duties. Her purposes for doing so are not entirely clear: she may be using reverse psychology on her lover, and her arguments already have a hint of irony. She also has many arguments with Antony which shows that her relationship is not secure as both leaders are very different as this could be understood as they are both from different countries.
In addition, as well as their differences of behaviour towards each other for example argument following love then an argument reflect the scenes in Act 1 as (1.3) is set in Egypt where as (1.4) is set in Rome and then the next scene set in Egypt which shows the contrast between the two characters. Furthermore, although

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