How Does A Person 's Background Influence A Group? Essay

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How does a person’s background influence his/her participation in a group? According to Ph.D. Nader Hl Chaaban (n.d), “Certain relevant back ground factors influence our behavior in small groups: personality, gender, age, health, attitudes, and values.” (p.3) For example if someone grew up in rural, farm country in Wisconsin, with small schools and less populace access they tend to be more reserved as well as a working person behind the scenes within a group setting. Whereas you taking someone from big ranch country of Texas, with large schools, and metropolitan access their background might influence them to be out going within a group setting. Sometimes it’s not even where someone grew up but it can be how they grew up too that influences their participation in a group. If they have “Physiological needs, security needs, belongingness needs, esteem needs, self-actualization needs,” (Chaaban, n.d.,p.6) it can also be how they communicate within a group setting because of their history of these needs. How do values influence one’s participation? Other member’s participation? According to Chaaban, “Several value differences that can influence group discussions are: Multipurpose versus unipurpose, pragmatism versus excellence, status versus class, personal versus organizational purpose, empirical versus qualitative decision-making bases, disposable labor versus intimate concern” (n.d., p.7) Values according to, “relative worth, merit, or importance.”…

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