How Does A Lucid Bird Kill A Mockingbird? Essay examples

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Just a Simple Bird
Mockingbirds are known for their beautiful song and mimicking the tune of other birds. They don’t eat your flowers and nest in places that are inconvenient for people. There is no reason to kill these birds and that is why it is a sin to kill a mockingbird. So how does a lucid bird like this manage to recur in multiple characters in To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM)? TKAM is narrated by a ten year old girl named Jean Louise Finch, or better known as Scout. She recounts the events leading up to how her older brother, Jem broke his arm. They become fascinated with a man named Arthur “Boo” Radley and Scouts young brain runs rampant with conclusions based off of nothing but her own thoughts about this man. All of this goes on in the middle of a trial between a black man, who Scout 's father, Atticus Finch, defends and a white woman named Mayella Ewell and her father, Robert E.Lee Ewell, with the claim that she was raped and beaten by the black man. It is easy to predict which side the jury will believe, because TKAM takes place in Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930’s. Though the Ewells win the trial, Robert swears he will make the Finches pay for defending the black man and belittling his name. What may bewilder readers the most is that a mockingbird is never killed in the book, for it is a sin. But it is the mockingbird motif that is used by Harper Lee when writing TKAM to represent innocence and virtue among certain characters and actions that take place in the book…

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