How Does 3d Printing Work? Essay

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Imagine being able to create almost anything displayed on our computer screen. Imagine having able to take any 2 dimensional images and create a 3 dimensional object. The only thing that limits us is our creativity. Well 3D printing allows just that! Invented by a man named Chuck Hall, 3D printing allows us to take a digital file from a computer and “print” a real life physical 3 dimensional object.

So how does 3D printing work? A 3D printed object is built up one layer at a time from bottom-upwards by repeatedly printing over the same cross-sectional area. After that these layers are arranged on top of each other and as a result forming a solid 3 dimensional object. 3D printers work automatically by reading digital files from the computer called CAD (Computer Aided Design) files. These files are created using a 3D modeling program in the computer. Like every printer it has to use some form of ink. However, a 3D printer works slightly differently as it uses various materials such as polymers, plastic and maybe even metals as “ink” to print the object.

Now u may be thinking what are 3D printers used for, and more importantly how do they contribute to better healthcare? Well having the ability to print almost anything, Andreas Herrmann of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and his colleagues are researching on 3D printing bacteria free tooth that help improve oral hygiene. The team achieved this by developing an antimicrobial plastic. Which means that the…

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