How Do You Use Emotional Marketing Online? Essay

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Psychological marketing has been used to manipulate consumer buying decisions for decades – and its methods are still used today. By implementing specific colouring, imagery and wording in marketing messages, a marketer is able to tap into the minds of consumers and achieve a desired result by triggering certain emotions.

Traditionally, these methods have primarily been used in print, and the occasional television advertisement. But how do you use emotional marketing online? Is it even possible?

The short answer is: yes. However, to implement these methods correctly, you need to slightly alter your strategy. Rather than having a single piece of media to work with, you now have ads, links, menus, buttons, videos, images, graphics and text all on the same page so they all need to work together. It’s important to note that your consumers will be viewing your site as a whole so if you design each fragment differently it will actually do more harm than good – your whole website needs to flow.

Before we get into the types of content that work best online, let’s outline some key emotions that are easiest to trigger:
•Fear – this one is simple and the easiest to trigger, probably why it’s my favorite. People are easily scared because they generally have a lot to lose; money, a job, a house, car, friends, family etc. Some insurance companies are excellent at targeting this emotion by using taglines similar to “are you covered if disaster strikes?”
•Trust ­­– this is probably the…

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