How Do You Spend Your Time For The Sake Of Their Education? Essay

702 Words Sep 14th, 2016 3 Pages
How are students so determined to change for the sake of their education? The way we invest and spend our time is one of the factors in change. I learned from experience that it does matter on what you spend and invest your time on. Because I know the difference between investing and spending, I learned to become more productive. These are positive outcomes that come along with change. Growth is a change that many of us go through; factors in achieving this change are time management, determined mindset, and setbacks. Time management is one of the major factors leading to a meaningful change. As we grow older our time becomes limited due to more responsibilities. In Success Strategies it states that “time and money are the most important resources” (Gurnee 25). It is important to create a schedule and plan out your day; furthermore, it is crucial to be organized. Transitioning from high school to college was drastic, because time is always running and there are no bells telling you when your class will begin. Setting a daily schedule will increase productivity; it is one of the keys to success. The way we use our time should be managed and controlled. It is important to keep in mind that we must invest our time on important activities that we know we will gain and benefit from. Once time management becomes a habit, a change in behavior will take place leading closer to the process of growth. It is good to have a determined mindset. Setting realistic goals requires…

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