How Do You Repay Your Parents For All The Good Work?

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a. Never eat the neck of a chicken that because in 1913 my grandfather was sitting at the dining room table eating the neck of the chicken and he coughed and some of the bones went down into his lungs and that was at a time when the local hospitals weren’t very good and they rushed him to the hospital in Philadelphia, which took them, he had to take the train and by the time he got there, it lodged down in his lungs and he subsequently died of pneumonia at age 49. That’s a family story that we never eat the chicken bone, the neck of a chicken.
b. How do you repay your parents for all the good work they did for you growing up? The answer is you repay them for doing the same thing for your children. I 'll give you an example, my parents payed for all of my education and I had three kids in college tuition back then were $45000 a year, and I paid for it all and each of my children done the same thing for their children. No student loans for anybody, you get out of college debt free and they can start their life. Luckily I was in the position to do it, not everybody is in the position to do it. I don’t think your grandfather was in the position to send your mother to medical school, I mean he had four children and was in field that didn’t produce a lot but that is one of my family traditions.
c. I’m speaking of my parents and their ancestors, they were all Portuguese Jews and they fled Portugal and ended up in Holland and from Holland some of them came directly to the united

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