How Do You Read? Essay

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How Do You Read?
E-readers or Real Books
My apologies to e-reader fans, I mean you no disrespect. E-readers are a fantastic way to build and read your library. I have an e-reader myself, a Nook. In fact, I just checked my Nook to see what was in my library of electronic books. I have twenty-five books on my Nook library shelf. Wow, I didn’t realize I had purchased so many e-books. I’ll be honest; I have read only a few of those books though for the reason that I much prefer holding a printed book in my hands when I read.
I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury on my Nook. The story was engrossing, but still I prefer a “real book” for several reasons.
The Encouragement of a Bookmark
I like inserting the bookmark when I am finished reading for the night and seeing how much closer to the end I am. Not that I want the book to end, because I don’t want any book I am reading to end. It’s always a little sad to “leave” when I finish a book.
When reading a book I segmented with post-its, it is with pride and satisfaction that I am able to remove the flag at the end of the days reading. A little victory.
It’s a Sensual Thing
When you are reading a book with pages of paper, there is the little sense of excitement as you near the end of the page. You don’t want to delay knowing what is on the next page when you read that last word. Your hand moves slowly to the top of the page, your finger slips under the page and slides down the edge and pauses until the last word is read. Then your…

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