Essay on How Do You Perform Gender?

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Your Gender, Yourself.
What makes you be like the rest? What makes you be different from the rest? Certainly all human beings have many similarities but we always have something unique that identifies us in the middle of the crowd. What defines you as a person? Being yourself is related to a person 's individuality, authenticity, values, talents, abilities and passions that characterize you, your vision and mission in life, all of this is your essence. How do you perform gender in a daily basis? To start off, gender is the very process of creating a dichotomy by effacing similarity and elaborating on differences, and where there are biological differences in the service of constructing gender (...). Basically, doing gender is doing you, is an everyday interaction, cannot avoid it.
On a daily basis, one of the activities where I perform gender the most, is just the way I speak. It could sound silly or just really basic; but it actually affects, molds and play a huge role in your life. Since I am a really introverted person, it has become hard to interact with people, as a result of being shy, my voice is always low, (or I keep quiet most of the time) and people percepts fear from me; which is totally wrong. I am actually really loud just around people that I know, is just that the level of confidence in me around people messes the way that I am. Back to performing gender, I have been told that my voice makes me look cute and inoffensive; which sometimes is not a good thing. I…

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