How Do You Fuck A Fat Woman? Essay

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“You used to be so pretty and thin. What happened?” Ever since high school, I have been asked this question by family members, friends, and acquaintances. Yes, I used to weigh less than 130 pounds in my life, and I used to fit into size 4 dresses. Nowadays, I fit into size 14 dresses and weigh 175 pounds. Like Kate Harding in her article, “How Do You Fuck a Fat Woman?” I struggle with accepting myself. Society teaches women to be ashamed of their bodies. They learn to believe that they aren’t beautiful if they are not skinny. Shaming women for the number of pounds they weigh not only damages their self-esteem, but it also brings about a notion that “fat” people will be “forever alone”. As well, one could argue that being “too skinny” is also a bad thing, and hazardous to people 's’ health.

Women with flat stomachs,thigh gaps, and large breasts are all over billboards across the United States. Although most advertisements are photoshopped to rid of any “imperfections” on the models, the women who work in the industry are often very attractive. Harding’s article claims, “hot is an objective assessment, based on a collection of easily identifiable characteristics” (133). In the modeling world, someone could point out many of the characteristics that most models have. Some of these characteristics include: straight hair, tall statures, big eyes, and the most common characteristic, thin bodies. Models are seen as “ideal” women because they are beautiful, and women and young…

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