How Do You Catch Your Stalker? Essay

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We arrived at Carrington in the morning. We weren’t going to stay very long; it was just a place that was far from Chancellor, which was good enough for us. The only problem was that we really had no clue what to do or where to go next. Knowing that Liu was going to follow us wherever we went and kill whomever we said, we had to be careful about it. Plus, he was undoubtedly listening to every word we said. We needed a different approach.

Jeff and I sat close to each other as we talked in whispers. Our voices carried in the still morning, but we figured Liu couldn’t hear us so easily. “Your plan isn’t going to work anymore. For all we know, he already figured out we’re on to him,” I stated.

“This is all I know how to do, though. How do you catch your stalker?” Jeff whispered back. It was difficult to make out the words with the bandana blocking the sound, as well. “We’re not even completely sure.”

“We’re pretty sure,” I protested. He sighed. “Okay, what do we know about him? Like, for sure? That we’ve seen with our own eyes and heard with our ears and everything like that?”

He answered, “He kills people. That’s honestly about it.”

“He knows where we are, and he followed me. Also, he saved me from the police so I could come back to you,” I added.

I could hear the grimace in his voice, “I still don’t get that. I don’t like that.”

I sighed, “You’re missing the point. He left you in the woods to follow me. We may not know why, but he did it. Who’s to say he won’t do…

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