Essay on How Do We Trust Our Senses?

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The question “what is real” has been scrutinized and asked for generations. What is real is nothing more than electrical impulses interpreted by our brains and our senses people say. How do we trust our senses? Well according to the bible everything we see, feel and hear is real. God gives clues and references throughout the bible about what is real and the beauty in all of it’s creation.
God provides many answers to the question. God reveals himself in three simple ways, in his creation and in Jesus Christ. Psalm 19:1 states that the heavens declare his glory and the skies of the work of his hands. Ecclesiastes 3:11 also states that God intricately tuned the physical world, with every soul instilled with a desire for eternity. In effect, everything is real and created in God’s image. To clarify, those who doubt what is real are real themselves according to God. Everything in the world is real if you think about it. The homework you did not finish, real, the food you just ate, yeah that’s real too. Even the computer you 're typing on, or the thoughts that come to your mind, they’re all real. As I asked a neighbor what is real her mind went many directions. Getting her daughter dressed in the morning was real to her, as was her job, being a mother and most importantly a wife. Many people in this world have different worldviews, but what is real I would believe is mostly agreed upon. Even my catholic neighbor and I agreed upon what is real without bringing up our different…

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