Essay about How Do We Get The Best Person For The Job

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How do we get the best person for the job and how do we keep that person? Those are the two major focuses for public HRM and it often depends on a thorough job analysis. Job analysis is defined as “the collection and collation of information regarding the tasks performed in various positions in an organization and assessments of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform those tasks successfully” (Dresang & Huddleston, 2008, p. 182). The information generated from a job analysis can be connected to all four fundamental human resources management (HRM) functions; planning, acquisition, development, and sanction (PADS). Moreover, any program or activity related to organizational personnel must be based on this information in order to be successful (Foster, 2010, p. 587). Klingner et al. (2010) asserts job analysis as an “essential prerequisite to other personnel functions” (p. 109). For these reasons, a strong job analysis is the foundation or backbone of HRM. In fact, the ability to conduct a job analysis and write a good job description is a key HR professional competency (p. 109). Job analysis is completed “by watching the employee work, talking with the employee about the job, and corroborating this information by checking it with other employees and the supervisor” (p. 111) and produces a job description which is “a summary of the tasks and job requirements that are essential to the position” (Foster, 2010, p. 588). In this essay, I will outline…

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